Take a look below at the upcoming shows and clinics happening on the island!

Any shows that are a part of the VIHJA circuit can have their show programs posted on the VIHJA website. Please e-mail us to get your show programs posted.

Shows in bold red are apart of the VIHJA circut.

2018 VIHJA Horse Show Dates

April 26 – 29
Level: Heritage
May 16 – 20
Level: Heritage
June 14 – 17
Level: Heritage
July 11 – 15

Arbutus Meadows

Level: Bronze
August 1 – 5

VIHJA Benefit Show

Level: Heritage
September 21 – 23

Saanich Shows in the Sun VIHJA Finals

Level: Heritage

November 17

Hunt Ball (VIHJA Year-End Awards)

Other 2018 Horse Show Dates