2019 VIHJA Division Rules & Regulations

Please note:

  • Points have not been cross referenced with memberships, and are not to be considered final. Changes and corrections are to be made at the discretion of the Directors, should an error or omission be revealed.
  • Points accumulation is up-to-date as of Benefit Show.

2019 VIHJA Points [not final]

Please review the above document for points data. Each sheet is labeled with the division name, and the points are sorted by highest to lowest overall scores to date, along with medal qualifications. As a reminder, the specified points divisions, how points are allocated, and other rules are on the first sheet of the spreadsheet. If there are any questions, please direct them via email to hello.vihja@nullgmail.com.

Our apologies for any typographical errors – we have made efforts to correct these, but if there are errors please contact us. The points have not been reviewed by our directors, nor finalized, including cross referencing against membership details. If you believe the points totals to be in error, or you have questions about your points, please contact us.

If you have any questions, please email us at hello.vihja@nullgmail.com.