VIHJA - The Vancouver Island Hunter Jumper Association
We are so excited to share that Lochside Lane will be hosting ‘Gymnastic Days’ from September 5-7.
The sand arena will be jam-packed with gymnastic fun!
  • Grids & various exercises for all levels and heights will be offered for open schooling.
  • The grass arena will have a Hunter & Jumper course set as well for those who want to play out there. (The grass arena is fresh turf seed, so no studs allowed this year)
  • Trainers can book 1-3 hour windows, with up to 12 horses at a time (50 people).
  • There will be a draw for exciting prizes during every rotation of horses!
Please contact Tanya via phone, text, or email to book your time.
Call/text: (250) 217-1295
$75+GST per horse/rider combo
$30+GST for overnight stabling
$25+GST for day stabling
Fine print:
Waivers must be signed before arrival and these are available on our website. Each grouping is limited to 12 horses or less as Lochside has calculated each horse to have a trainer, rider, and parent/friend/groom, and they must stay under 50 people at a time. All rules and regulations must be obeyed for Covid protection for all.
In every crisis, doubt or confusion, take the higher path – the path of compassion, courage, understanding and love.
Follow the rules, stay safe, and keep others safe.